Toyota to manufacture two electric vehicles

Toyota to manufacture two electric vehicles

For a long time, Toyota has primarily depended on hybrids for its electrification, while other car manufacturers rely on full-on battery EVs. Toyota Motor North America has said that this year, it will unveil two new battery electric vehicles and a new hybrid. The company says that these vehicles will be out for sale in the US in 2022.

After the discontinuity of the California-only second-gen RAV4 EV in 2014, Toyota has not sold any EV in the US. Refuellable hybrids are better to close who live far from the city where charging chargers are limited and those who travel for long distances. Toyota has delayed developing and selling full-electric vehicles, which have made the company lag behind other carmakers. Right now, there is a significant improvement in EV infrastructure, and support for the EVs has made ownership more realizable to buyers.

These are good news that now Toyota will go back to the market to sell its two EVs after eight years of limited-market effort. But the most important thing is that the new EVs will be sold all over the US in contrast to one state only. Toyota said that the vehicles would have a plug, and the hybrid will have a plug-in.

Toyota has designed a brand-new EV specific platform known as e-TNGA. The abbreviation TNGA represents Toyota New Global Architecture. They indicate that the new EV platform will be versatile to numerous car types such as rear-, front-, and all-wheel-drive models. Toyota targets that by 2025, 40% of all new cars sold to be hybrid or full-electric, and by 2030, 70% of all new vehicles sold to be electrified.

Gill Pratt, Toyota Research Institute CEO, said that even if the government argues that electric vehicles will help cut down greenhouse gas emissions, this is not the best solution. This is because the power used to charge the EVs come from carbon-intensive sources such as coal. Gill said that for the world to fight against climate change together, there must be better collaboration. For instance, there is a great need to pressure the power generating companies to change their act and start generating energy from renewable sources.

Others argue that the environmental impact of the electric vehicle and other internal combustion cars is not the same in the long-run. David Reichmuth, the Senior Vehicles Engineer, argues that the total EVs sold in the US contribute the same quantity of global warming pollution just like a conventional car that makes 88MPG. However, energy companies are working very hard to add more renewable power to the grid.

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