Renewable energy policy for Liberals

Renewable energy policy for Liberals

The shift to renewable energy has not been an easy journey. One party warns that renewables would crush jobs and increase power prices, while the other argues that renewable energy is the way to go for the sake of our future. Renewables would help decrease greenhouse gas emissions, saving planet Earth from the harsh climate crisis.

WA Liberal Party is asking for an increase in renewable energy.  It advocates how to get rid of coal and embrace the use of solar and wind power. The carbon politics have led to the overthrow of three prime ministers and have been a significant challenge for governments throughout the country. As part of its renewable energy plan, the government is planning to shut coal-fired power stations in a span of four years. The state is expected to rely more on clean power for its consumption in the next decade.

By 2030, WA energy generation is expected to reach zero emissions. Liberals have said that there will be a big renewable project in Mid-West that will cost approximately $3 billion. A private company will develop this project. Kirkup said that WA targets to reach zero-emissions by 2030. As part of the plan, all government-owned coal-fired energy stations such as the one in Collie and Muja will be closed by 2025. The Labor government vowed between 2022 and 2024; it will close two out of the four generators that operate at Muja Power Station. However, it didn’t clarify when the entire facility will be closed down.

Labor is arguing that the policy lacks a realistic timeline and would be more costly than the estimate proposed by the liberals. $100 million has been set aside to handle the blow in Collie, a town that largely depends on coal. The funds are expected to be used to aid energy transition. Zak Kirkup, WA Opposition Leader, said that he believes the policy will work, and he compared his vision to that of the North West Shelf and Charles Court. He added that he would not shy away since one must try to find a way even where people think it is impossible.

The battle to convince voters

Kirkup is facing a battle on how to convince his voters that the clean energy plan will not skyrocket power prices or cause blackouts. The fact that Liberals are in an election race, strategies and political analysts have said that the opposition has the upper hand in winning the race. However, this is an argument three prime ministers have administered without being successful.

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