EDP creates units intending to exploit Green hydrogen and energy storage

EDP creates units intending to exploit Green hydrogen and energy storage

Most of the companies all over the world are working on providing clean power. And the EDP Group has taken a giant step to show its commitment to decarbonization. Recent reports indicate that the company has launched two units with the potential to exploit green hydrogen and energy storage. One of the units is the H2BU; the H2 Business Unit will act as an arm to create green hydrogen. Also, the storage unit has a crucial role in creating a storage capacity of up to 1 GW in five years.

The green hydrogen market move marks EDP growth axes in the next couple of years. Why not when the project will help in the company’s decarbonization objectives and help in the cost reduction sector. Besides, there is the competitive detail that EDP Group hopes to achieve by 2030. EDP is the big boss of the energy transition; hence it dynamically and efficiently supports the decarbonization in the various economic sectors.

With this new business unit’s help, EDP Group will achieve a stable integration of green hydrogen in their portfolio. And this detail will happen in a cross-cutting and strategic way which will help promote investments in renewables. After several debates, the group has put the director of energy planning in EDP Group, Ana Quelhas, the project manager of H2BU.

H2BU will focus the project’s opportunity development plans and green hydrogen efforts in encouraging sectors, including steel industries, chemistry, cement, and refineries. Also, there is the heavy transport industry. The priority markets include Europe and the United States since the group argues that the decarbonization solutions they offer will leverage and complement the existing renewables.

As a crucial strength in the energy transition, EDP Group has come up with a new business unit that focuses on the storage of energy technologies. This unit will work hand in hand with the United States EDPR’S operation, whose primary focus is on storage technology analysis. The latter is also another significant step to show its commitment to the clean energy movement. The energy storage unit will help in the EDP’s plan in the US, whose primary goal is to achieve 1 GW by 2026.

Miguel Stilwell de Andrade, EDP’s CEO, spoke of these units as a way for the group to enforce its leadership in the transition. The increase in renewable energy sources calls upon the integration of storage systems to achieve electric system flexibility. EDP Group has taken up initiatives on green hydrogen and energy storage to test these fields’ potential. The hydrogen sector is currently running a pilot project in Ribatejo Central in partnership with various organizations.


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