Hampton Roads Alliance partners with Xodus and BW Research to assess offshore wind supply chain

Hampton Roads Alliance partners with Xodus and BW Research to assess offshore wind supply chain

The Hampton Roads Alliance will assess the offshore wind supply chain for the Hampton Roads region, Virginia. This study will establish offshore wind plants and the critical opportunities for the expansion of renewable energy projects. Xodus Group, an energy consultancy firm based in Aberdeen, United Kingdom, will help Hampton Roads Alliance on this project in collaboration with California-based BW Research Partnership.

The study will deliver detailed offshore wind supply chain evaluation and gap estimation for the Hampton Roads municipal area and the wider Southern Virginia. The research will outline the requirements for a successful offshore wind plant, available developers, and suppliers for building resources, and if local firms can benefit from such a project.

“The size of the US offshore wind market creates a need for the development of an entirely new US industry, and Hampton Roads will play a major role in its development. This work aims to help both the industry and Hampton Roads improve efficiency and reduce costs as the scale of development grows while helping local communities further realize the economic benefits associated with offshore wind,” said Xodus’s senior consultant, Jeff Tingley.

The research seeks to identify how such a project can create business opportunities for local businesses to develop an autonomous supply chain. “This is a great opportunity to build a reliable local supply chain that can provide a sustainable energy potential, with an ambitious plan to scale up offshore wind activity,” added Tingley.

The study will also assess the strengths and weaknesses of the roads in the Hampton metropolitan area. Study results will enable the local administration to develop strategies, give recommendations for the best way to establish an offshore wind infrastructure. The strengths and weaknesses of the market forces and regional firms will drive these decisions.

Xodus opened a branch in Boston early last year to advance its wind energy portfolio in North America. The Aberdeen team at the Xodus headquarters will be involved in this project, but the Boston team will do most of the work. Xodus boasts of significant experience in wind energy, with the most recent achievement being appointed for Offshore Wind Cluster Builder’s role in charge of Scottish offshore wind supply chain development and growth.

“With the completion of these two ventures, Virginia has established itself as a pioneer in offshore wind production in the United States. With best-in-class port facilities, a centrally located as well as competent workforce, and a welcoming business and regulatory environment, the Commonwealth is indeed a perfect match in becoming an offshore wind supply chain hub,” said Doug Smith, Hamptons Roads Alliance President.


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