Eolus, Europe’s most fast-growing renewable energy markets to enter Poland

Eolus, Europe’s most fast-growing renewable energy markets to enter Poland

Europe is one of the leading continents in renewable energy adoption. However, some countries are slacking behind such as Poland strongly depends on fossil fuel in electric power production, making it at the bottom of the list in renewables’ adoption. However, a recent report from Eolus indicates that things are going to change soon in Poland. Why not when Eolus is working on establishing operations in the country. This legendary renewable energy market entry is part of its plans to grow. Since Poland is stagnant in the renewable energy sector, it poses a considerable business opportunity for Eolus, a well-experienced project developer.

Eolus chose Daniel Larsson to work as the Country Manager and lead Poland’s operations. The Polish market is a great place to invest, especially in the renewable energy sector since the coal sector contributes to 70% of the country’s electric production. Besides, it has targets closing all the coal mines by 2049 to meet the environmental safety commitments. Currently, renewable energy sources produce about 18% of the power. From the country’s statics, Eolus sees good business opportunities in the energy transition from primary coal to an electric field that depends on solar, onshore wind energy, and offshore wind power.

In 2020, Poland became one of the European countries that developed the fourth most solar power energy, and predictions suggest continuous growth. It has a robust wind sector with high potential since it has the nine most-installed wind power capacity in Europe currently running. Eolus will help in the necessary transitions by developing construction, asset management of service facilities and sales. The company’s team will work with the least possible cost to help the Polish renewable energy industry and the consumers. Eolus plans to give it all by investing in solar, offshore wind power, and onshore wind power.

Eolus has given Poland’s operations to Daniel Larsson, a previous Eolus Swedish embassy in Warsaw, and has been residing in Poland for years. While working in the embassy, he often supported and grew Swedish businesses and investors in the country. Other excellent jobs he has taken before, including Business Sweden’s boss in Ukraine, Poland, and Romania.

Daniel spoke about the new venture claiming that the experience would be exciting and claiming that its renewable market features excellent potential. Eolus has what it takes to become part of the Polish Energy sector’s energy transition. Per Witalisson, Eolus CEO stated that the company had recognized Poland’s potential, and this entry into the Polish market aims for its growth.


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