Eneco to double wind and solar capacity in the next five years

Eneco to double wind and solar capacity in the next five years

The world of renewables shows immersive growth in recent years as governments work hard to decarbonize the planet. Suppose you are a climate-conscious person or an environment expert; you know the climate changes the world is facing and the negative impact on our daily lives. After years of research, experts explained that the emission of harmful gases is the main reason for global climate fluctuations. We can clean the globe by investing in greener digital cars and renewable energy sources, explaining why many countries invest in renewables to reduce dependence on coal-fueled energy.

A recent report shows good news for the Dutch people, as Eneco, a Dutch energy supplier, announced their target to double the solar and wind capacity. The company is aiming at getting to 2500 MW over the next five years. Various reactions are surrounding this ambitious target, but Eneco is set to add its renewable power capacity.

The energy supplier is committed to growing value in the increased demand-supply chain in a decentralized and complex energy system. In their 2020 financial results publication, Eneco has stated its intention in investing the necessary effort to improve renewables in the country. The financial report for 2020 is positive, with the company having total earnings rising to 484m euros with a net profit of 118m euros. The company’s total revenues increased by 13%, while the profit rose by 48% from the 2019 report, which is a good rating considering the pandemic that hit the globe last year.

Last year, Eneco accounted for 202MW more sustainable energy capacity resulting from offshore wind farms in Blauwwind and Seamade in the Belgium coastal region. Also, the energy supplying company secured new wind deals, including Hollandse kust offshore wind resulting in 760MW energy capacity and the Maasvlakte onshore project accounting for 100MW energy capacity.

Eneco stated that from the company’s 2020 energy progress, it is a step closer to achieving the 2022 renewable energy target of 2GW. Eneco’s CEO, Tempelman, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the management team to the employees for their dedication and mental resilience. The company works on making a transition to clean energy. Besides, he said he appreciated the staff’s care for each other and maintained a safe environment for the customers, resulting in a low accident rate.

The Belgium government supports the energy supplier evidently in the company’s multiple environmental permits last year, including wind farms construction in Turnhout, Beerse, Herentals and Hannut. Last year, Eneco replaced most wind turbines to increase wind energy capacity and is currently researching how to use green energy to produce renewable energy to double their renewable energy capacity.


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