Freedom Solar has moved into a larger space to accommodate more employees

Freedom Solar has moved into a larger space to accommodate more employees

Austin’s solar energy company, Freedom Solar, is shifting to an extensive San Antonio office to ensure that it procures more employees from the Alamo City to run its operations efficiently. The office in which the company is migrating is at the Wetmore Road close to Wurzbach Parkway and four times more extensive than the previous workspace. The company was adamant to reveal details of this transition until it was certain of the move. This concept was visible when the spokesperson of the company was answering questions posed by an agitated audience. 

The new workspace can store close to 8000 solar photovoltaic panels. This strategy would take up close to three-quarters of the space, leaving 2000 square feet to host residential facilities for the employees of the family. The company anticipates clocking the 40 per cent mark in expansion and technological advancement.

The chief executive officer of Freedom Solar, Bret Biggart, stated that they cited San Antonio for its projects because it offers the appropriate market for its resources. He noted that the city is ever-growing with new businesses entering the market daily. This trend is raising the standards of living, making the city more affordable to live in than other mega towns.

Freedom Solar explained that the San Antonio workspace transition was crucial after the company witnessing vast growth since its establishment over thirteen years ago. The company recorded $27 million in sales. $3.6 million of the sales came from San Antonio residents prompting the company to venture the potential of this market. The rest of the sales scattered over the other markets. 

The company is hopeful that the record $5.5 million commercial sales it accrued this year can translate to more sales in the coming years with the transition to San Antonio. Furthermore, the company intends to install the solar panels at a church close to the city and another mega facility in West Ave after the completion of some projects entailing automakers and real estate buildings.

Although the coronavirus pandemic created problems for the procession of the company’s operations, the company is happy with the San Antonio residents who went against all odds to secure their renewable energy technology in solar panels. Biggart expressed satisfaction with CPS Energy lauding the company for offering incentives on the installation of solar resources for its residents. To sum up, Freedom Solar has planted over 2000 kilowatts of solar energy resources in San Antonio and is anticipating to develop a similar quantity of solar capacity before finalizing this year. Moreover, the company will be unveiling more offices apart from the recently developed offices in Dallas and Colorado to maximize profits.

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