US Election 2020: Fact-checking claims about the Pennsylvania vote

US Election 2020: Fact-checking claims about the Pennsylvania vote

With no result yet in a tightly-contested US election, claims which can be misleading are circulating on social media about voting and counting in key states.

The count is still going on in the battleground state of Pennsylvania – we’ve looked at some of the most widely shared claims about the situation there.

Poll watcher was refused entry (but later let in).

One viral video showed a poll watcher being denied entry to a Philadelphia polling station.

It has had almost two million views on Twitter, and was shared by multiple pro-Trump accounts, saying Republican poll watchers were being banned.

The man in the video, Gary Feldman, a local Republican, was asked to wait outside by officials – with a woman telling him that his “city-wide” poll watching certificate was not valid in that particular polling station. The video was authentic, and the man was being stopped from entering, but it turns out there was confusion over the rules.

Poll watchers used to only be allowed in a certain station, but they can now visit multiple sites across Philadelphia.

Philadelphia city commissioners said the man was later allowed into the station and received an apology.

Democratic poster didn’t violate rules.

A tweet shared by Mike Roman, who worked for the Trump election campaign, claimed that a Democratic poster was a “violation in sight” for being in close proximity to a polling station.

His tweet referred to “bad things” happening.

Election rules in Pennsylvania prohibit campaign materials, signs, banners and literature being within 10 feet of a polling station.

The post that Mr Roman originally amplified – now labelled as violating Twitter rules – gained significant traction online, but was rebutted by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office.

They said they had investigated the claim and found that the actual polling place was “located in an interior room and the sign in question was further than 10 feet from it”.

So, that’s not violating the election rules as they are in that area.

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