The new agreement between Capanet Communications and G&S Satcom will revamp the satellite software industry

The new agreement between Capanet Communications and G&S Satcom will revamp the satellite software industry

The advanced satellite network operations of Capanet Communications and the professional knowledge of G&S Satcom will unveil innovations and improve the performance and sustainability of the satellite software technology. The incessant rivalry in the industry is winding down the connectivity prices while forcing the companies to optimize their systems and minimize operational costs. The satellite sector is aware that some software systems are incompatible and therefore looks for software developers that understand customization to facilitate data correlation and enjoy value for their money. Moreover, financiers want their companies to enjoy quality services from software developers that will last their systems through a slated timeframe.

Capanet Ops Suite will be utilizing the G&S SatConnect portfolio to provide software solutions that ensure the satellite network management tools can meet various satellite communications systems’ demands. This move will create a network performance and automation technology that makes the software operational and compatible with different satellite developers’ systems. Moreover, the suite has data warehousing technology that facilitates historical evaluation of the system projecting the network maintenance costs.

G&S SatCom offers advanced network software with other services like automated provisioning of terminals to facilitate satellite network operations and provides an online customer portal for logging in to various devices. An informed design and flowsheet of the network introduce software compatibility and machine language connection with an output system that interacts with the customer. The software tools ensure that customers can observe the system data and enable engineers to customize templates that accelerate the operations of the satellite. G&S SatCom takes up various network connections and creates an interconnection to make satellite management efficient.

The chief executive of G&S SatCom, David Schmitz, stated that the partnership is a chance for the industry to grow and the two companies to share their expertise by working on a project. He added that the fusion of the two companies’ technologies would unravel potentials that the satellite industry has never witnessed and offer software solutions for satellite operators. Moreover, this partnership will offer the two companies a platform where they can establish customer feedback systems, pricing policies, automation of processes, and typical network configurations to hinder invasion by cybercriminals.

Moreover, the financial experts will explain the costs that do not strain the customers or injure the companies’ profits. The collaboration will deal with real-time problems related to data analysis and the optimization of the satellite network.

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