Redwire buys Deployable Space Systems

Redwire buys Deployable Space Systems

Redwire purchased Deployable Space Systems (DSS) Inc., a steadily expanding business that develops various structures and processes, such as the Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA), in Goleta, California. Transaction terms were not published. The DSS acquisition revealed on February 23 was Jacksonville, Florida-centered Redwire’s seventh takeover, which was set up in the year 2020 by private equity company AE Industrial Partners to establish a pure-play space business.

“Redwire has become the globe’s leading independent provider of the solar array systems with DSS,” Peter Cannito, Chairman and Chief executive officer of Redwire, informed SpaceNews. “We are extremely enthusiastic about the potential that DSS adds to our ROSA technology collection, but also other capabilities,” NASA revealed plans for the installation of DSS solar arrays on the International Space Station in January. In the year 2019, Maxar Technologies was able to award the DSS a deal to produce solar arrays for lunar Gateway’s Power and Propulsion Element.

It’s an excellent time for DSS to unite with Redwire, stated DSS co-founder Brian Spence, with those big contracts ongoing. “While we uphold our culture of being creative and delivering disruptive goods for our clients, Redwire will come in and fulfill certain [corporate] roles,” Spence added. ” In our company, we are at this crucial moment that needs a wider vision. That’s what we get from Redwire.”

After purchasing Deep Space Systems as well as Adcole Space, AE Industrial Partners established Redwire in 2020 June. Since then, Made In Space, Loadpath, Oakman Aerospace, Roccor, and now DSS have been bought by Redwire.

“AEI and Redwire have concentrated on finding creative businesses that are key to delivering efficient space infrastructure, and the dominance of DSS in creative deployable solar arrays and frameworks is a great asset to the technology portfolio of Redwire,” Kirk Konert, AE Industrial Partners’ partner, stated in a statement. “We are excited to see the strategic development of Redwire as the market leader in the space infrastructure.”

Cannito stated Redwire is concentrating on acquiring businesses with advanced technology and spaceflight heritage. “Pioneers of highly technical space create a company several times, and over the period, as they begin to scale, they are overcome by all the business and corporate dimensions of operating a business,” Cannito said.

“Once they join Redwire Company, we consolidate certain organizational roles that allow them to concentrate on what they have always been passionate about.” Redwire, for instance, assists in regulatory enforcement and the control of human resources. “It’s like we already have parents who will provide us with the stuff we want from a resource perspective and an ability point of view to make our successful jobs even better,” Spence added.

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