L3Harris designs electronic antennas for military satellite command and control

L3Harris designs electronic antennas for military satellite command and control

L3Harris Technologies announced that the phased electronic array ground antenna production for the United States Space Force was completed on January 12. The model “multi-band multi-mission” antenna is one of three built under the 2019 contract with the Defense Innovation Unit. The prototypes have been done by Lockheed Martin as well as Atlas Space Operations. To assist the Space Force boost communications with its spacecraft, the DIU project was to explore available commercial technologies for land antennas. With several satellites across various frequency ranges, a phased array antenna may communicate.

The typical parabolic or even the radio antennas of the military could only reach one satellite at a time. The antenna built by L3Harris was incorporated with the Satellite Control Network of the Space Force to show multiple concurrent satellite contacts, including those from the Lockheed Martin as well as Atlas Space. The SCN is an outdated parabolic dish antenna network used to operate military satellites located across the globe.

Colonel Wallace “Rhett” Turnbull, who works at the Space and Missile Systems Center as a director in charge of the cross-mission ground as well as communications enterprise, stated that the phased array antenna experiments “showed the advances in the phased array technology and significance for satellite command – and – control with live DoD platforms.” Turnbull further said “an increased competition for the satellite control capacity by offering more affordable and robust exposure to Space Force satellite programs” would require new antenna technology. For the Satellite Control Network, the Space and Missile Systems Center has not determined what sort of electronically operated antennas it would procure.

“The multi-band multi-mission demonstration initiative is still underway and this year’s technology transformation will intensify,” Turnbull told SpaceNews in a report. “We are presently developing a method for how to evolve from the current prototype attempt to a follow-on initiative that will allow the Satellite Control Network to launch a long-term MBMM remedy.”

“As a hosted payload or component supplier, L3Harris has established and assisted different aspects of the satellite missions over the last few decades,” stated Ed Zoiss, L3Harris Space and Airborne Systems president. “In cooperation with the United States Air Force to successfully prepare, build and conduct accessible, high-performance space flights that is part of a reactive constellation deal we brought the elements together.”

L3Harris Technologies is an adaptive multinational innovator in the aerospace and defense technologies, providing end-to-end applications that address clients’ mission-critical requirements. In the air, ground, sea, space as well as cyber environments, the organization delivers innovative security and commercial technology. L3Harris has total sales of nearly $18 billion and employees, 48,000 people, with clients in more than 100 nations.


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